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Bedhead Marketing

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What is a Bedhead…Who is a Bedheader…Why would anyone embrace and show off your Bedhead? I mean, Bedhead shows you just woke up, maybe are untidy, slovenly and dare say, unkempt. To me and the growing Bedhead Nation it means exactly the opposite, in fact. We are saying screw the cameras, touchups, and ever-present “Social Mirrors” that have everyone fixated on hair product hysteria.

My name is Steve Hawn and I’m ecstatic to welcome you to my dream child – Bedhead Marketing LLC

Exactly what is a Bedheader and what do I mean when I urge you to “Embrace Your Bedhead And Hit Snooze On The Lather, Rinse & Repeat Lifestyle”? It’s very simple and yet very complex at the same time. As a two-time CEO (in VERY different business sectors) I was constantly battling the demons of both self-imposed and external pressures of acting like someone I truly wasn’t. This goes way beyond how I dressed or combed my hair and was a deep-dive into WHAT I spoke, HOW I spoke and effectively masqueraded me from the real me. In time, the real me stopped coming home from the office and I recognized that life was too short to be someone and something I wasn’t meant to be.

The condensed version is a metamorphosis…A child-like awakening, rebirth, butterfly chasing, cloud following, to-hell-with-it-all and I don’t give a rat’s ass mentality. The LR&R days were gone and I soon discovered that the old me was a lot happier, gregarious, peaceful and people actually liked being around me again-including my family. I rediscovered my passion for all things marketing, social media, web design, content writing and LEARNING! A creatively dormant brain makes color seep out of your eyes-and heart.

Join me on the never-ending journey of product creation, editable downloads, content creation, SEO, online and affiliate marketing and most importantly…Being able to do all this from the comfort of your own home. Wake up at the office, make your own coffee, poop in your own toilet, invite the cat onto your lap while your pooch lays at your feet and best of all…

Embrace your Bedhead!