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  • Life - user manual

    Life – user manual

    Free tutorial for self-growth and self-help work.

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    There is User Manual for this life, after all. Use it and make of your life what ever you want it to be.
  • Dr Lee Eye Center

    Dr Lee Eye Center

    Total Eye and Vision Solutions... Medical Vision Optical

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    • Blurry Vision • Loss of Vision • Dry Eye • Infection and Chronic Red Eye • Eye Allergy and Chronic Eye Irritation • Contact Lens Related disorders • Macular Degeneration • Cataracts (alternative treatments available) • Corneal and Conjunctival Foreign Bodies • Lazy Eye • Double Vision • Accommodative Esotropia (“cross eyes”) • Learning-Related Vision Perception (currently offering home based treatment) • Many other eye and vision disorders
  • Get Paid to Lose Weight

    Get Paid to Lose Weight

    What if I told you that you can get PAID to lose weight?

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    An amazing new fitness program that pays you for referrals!
  • Aquaponics, Living Water & Nutritional Modalities

    Aquaponics, Living Water & Nutritional Modalities

    Aquaponics, Living Water, Nutritional Modalities, Lymphatic Stimulation, Breathing, Environment & Bio-terraforming

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    We are a one-stop-shop for all your health and longevity needs. We specialize in advanced aquaponics systems, to advanced water technologies, to the all new BioPhoton 5.0 lymphatic stimulation modality, to deep breathing and re-birthing techniques, to environmental and bio-terraforming.
  • Findmydentist


    Find a Dentist

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    Findmydentist is a dentist directory that helps patients find dentists in their area.