Fritan Technology, LLC

Designing Hardware for Home Improvements

Fritan Technology, LLC

Full Description

Fritan Technology, LLC is a product development and engineering firm that specializes in the design of products for the home repair, renovation, and decoration industries.  We have developed our own line of products , including Fringe Screw™  and Framan Hanger™ , that we sell in our online store  and hardware stores, such as The Home Depot.

Fringe Screw™ is a specialty fastener designed to tighten loose door hinges caused by stripped screw holes.

Framan Hanger™ is a improved type of sawtooth picture frame hanger featuring adhesive pads that temporarily hold the bracket in place while screws are tightened, which are held in position perpendicular to the frame.

We are continually developing new and innovative products to simplify home repairs and improvements.