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TelCom Home Privacy

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Now that you know online and in-home communications are no longer secure would you like to change that back to the way it once was ?

Hi, my name is Bobby Cooper and I live in Southern California “Earthquake Country” but, please don’t hold that against me as I was born here and have been run out of much worst places. Seriously though, as there is a very serious issue I would like to help every person in the world to overcome; lack of telecommunication privacy but, I need your help.

You see, investors don’t believe there are more than 2 people in the world who care they are being spied on my private contractors, I and Dr. Ron Paul. Now, this is surely not the case (as I believe) as there are Millions of People and it’s just they don’t know what to do about it as they are being told “nothing can be done to stop the spying in your home or one your phone”.
Well, I am here to tell you that is not true as something is being done to stop spying but, it has to be done at an individual level; that’s code for “You” need to take action to stop the spying on “You”. Why ? you may ask, do I need to do anything. What is recorded today could become illegal tomorrow as this was proven after 9/11. People who attended military type training (survival camps) were put in prison under the Patriot Act allegedly for supporting “possible terrorist groups”.  Chilling, isn’t it ?
Okay, so how do you help ?  First thing to do is visit; and  to learn of products being created and controlled by a very small Wifi enabled micro-controlled called the Spark Core. Now, you don’t need to learn how to be a electrical engineer or programmer to used these Privacy Devices but, it helps if you have a basic understanding of how things work to give you back your privacy which I hope will add value and interest to stop those who spy on you.

Secondly and maybe even more importantly is the need to spread the word to let others know there is a way to stop the spying that is happening in your (worse case) bedroom.

For more information feel free to contact me, Bobby Cooper, Buena Park, CA, USA at

Thanks, Bobby